Project Costs

Digital projects are somewhat personal artworks and to be honest, it is very difficult to give a firm price until we have had the opportunity to discuss the details. Every customer has unique requirements, so this directly affects the cost of the project. However, you may see a general idea of the categorised services below.

Graphic Projects

This plan is mainly covering logos for brands, posters, banners, book covers, illustration for children books, corporate identities, and infographics.

Between £100 and £500 (Level of detail affects the cost.)

Concept Projects

This plan covers more intensive design work like character, vehicle, environment designs for games and animations; it also covers storyboarding.

Between £350 and £600 (Level of detail affects the cost.)

Animation Projects

This plan is for individuals who need animated videos like gifs, animatics, mobile ads, kinetic typography, whiteboard animations, or explainer videos.

£500 or above (Video time multiplies the cost.)