Our Services

Here are some examples of our services to give you an idea of what we can do.

Graphic Design Services

Book Cover Design
Ozart Infographic Design
İlk Bin Sözcük Dizisi - Kitap Poster
Mem Akademi Karakter Tasarımı

Brand Design: Logo, stamp, character for a brand and more. Everything you need for a complete corporate identity.

Infographics: This is the most efficient way to communicate complex information. A picture paints a thousand words.

Illustration: Children book illustration. If you check our portfolio, you may see our style is especially good for children.

Concept Art Services

ozgur serdar concept art

Character Design: Generally, character drives the story. So, a good character design means a good story.

Vehicle Design: Vehicles support and deepen the story. They are the best friends of the characters.

Environment Design: Environment is generally the rest of the story. All the elements should be in the same language and give room for the story.

Storyboarding: This is the main step after scenario building and before animation.

Animation Services

Animatic: : After storyboarding there is an animatic stage which generates an animated storyboard to help to see timing of the whole video.

Kinetic Typography: Text based animation is another artistic solution if you need to communicate messages precisely.

Motion Graphics:Logo or title animation, whiteboard animation, mobile app demo, and explainer videos are exact solutions for people who need to present stages of workflow, for customer or audience.